Help Prayer Pond Grow!

"Running this site is expensive, and right now it is being paid our of my family's pocket. We're doing so out of faith and obedience to what we believe God is leading us to do. Once the site gets a large enough number of users the site can be self-supported by use of a single ad at the top of most screens, but getting that many users will take a while.

We have a dream that this site will allow believers all over the world to share God's faithfulness with each other, strengthening their faith exponentially while allowing God to be fully glorified by the entire body of Christ for every little thing he does!

In other words, the global church will be like the local church communities in the New Testament!

Our pastor teaches that we should not insult God by praying small, but should pray big with the faith that God is big enough to deliver (should that be His will). So our prayer is that God uses this modest site to change the world. Not because this site is great, but because God is great and the internet allows us to do what He commanded on a global scale instead of a local one!

In order to accomplish this goal we will most likely need to pay for advertising so that Christians all over the world can learn about the site. To do this we must rely on donations from faithful believers like you. Every penny donated will go toward advertising and/or hosting the site.

So please pray, and if you feel led to help, consider giving a donation. Thank you so much for believing in what God can do through obedience to His will!"

- Prayer Pond Team